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Just one of many great reviews...

Tim Darmetko has been working with and instructing me to improve my health and habits. He mainly does CranioSacral therapy for me but performs other massage techniques when necessary. Since Tim has been working with me my posture, diet, circulation and attitude have all improved. I am aware of healthier ways to take care of myself and share these practices with others. Tim encourages me share what I learn with my community. I am a religious sister living with about 15 other sisters. Tim is concerned about the whole person in all aspects. He is aware that we are intricately woven and that one part of us affects our whole being. He is enthusiastic about seeing other people be healthy beings who can live their life to its fullest. He stresses that deep breathing, healthy food, meditation (or prayer in some form), and exercise (movement such as in yoga or tai chi), are the basics to maintaining one’s health. Tim expects us, his clients, to follow through with what we learn to continue progressing so we can maintain our own health. He is willing to recommend a variety of practical ways to help with nutritional and holistic methods. He is also willing to suggest other health professionals when necessary and encourages us to seek quality methods and practices. Tim is very knowledgeable in many health-related aspects because he believes in researching methods and credentials to support what he recommends. Tim cares about his clients welling-being and makes every effort to support us in our effort toward healing.

Sr. Patricia OSB

Tim Darmetko of Chi Massage Tucson talks about his path as a creative healer working with the tools designed to optimize health and well being

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