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Buddhist, Taoist and more

Kung Fu

Ba Gua Zhang:
Learn what you need to know about this Taoist healing/martial art. We pull mostly from the Cheng style. Tim Darmetko has studied with many lineage holders such as, Vince Black O.M.D., Sean Farmen, Allen Pittman and J. Bracey. Major emphasis is placed on single/double palm, circle walking, and static/moving chi kung.
Tai Chi Chuan:
Learn the essentials of this great healing/martial arts. We pull from both the Chen and Yang style. We work to getting you skills in both the kung fu and the healing sides of these systems. Tai chi is practiced both slow and fast, when done properly.
Qi Gong:
38th generation Korean Qi(chi) Kung passed down by Master Myung Chill Kim. Also pulls from Ba Gua(Pa Kua) Zhang, Xing yi Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan, Yi Chuan, and others. (Dates back to 23 B.C.)
Yi Chuan:
from Master Sam Tam and others. A great system that pulled from tai chi chuan and xing yi chuan.
Influences from many other arts include:
Xing Yi:
Vince Black O.M.D., Sean Farmen, and J. Bracey
Dragon style:
This form of martial arts is based on the characteristics of the mythical Chinese dragon.
Kung Fu:
Tim has studied many different types of kung fu and pulls from them all.
Tae Kwando:
Kwang Moo Ryu style: Master Myung Chill Kim’s family style (37th gen.) dating back to 23 b.c. Tim is a 38th generation teacher.


5 Tibetans:
One of my favorite yoga exercises. Great for the whole body.
Makko Ho:
Yoga from Japan that works the meridians of the body.
Qi Gong:
Static/Dynamic/Martial (kung fu)
Master Myung Chill Kim’s method’s mixed with a few others
Craniosacral Therapy:
Light touch approach that helps the physical, mental, and spiritual.
Can be used to help people progress in both yoga and kung fu.