Chi Massage Tucson Craniosacral Therapy


Tim has been trained in many different massage & bodywork techniques and uses that knowledge to customize a treatment for you. He learned massage therapy from the Providence Institute while being a teacher at the same school. You can customize your own massage and bodywork by picking and choosing which styles you would like, pick one and try it by itself, or have Tim figure out what you might need the most and why. Come feel the relaxation and positive change that can happen.

38th Generation Korean Qi Massage & Bodywork

Passed down from Master Myung Chill Kim and his family since 23 B.C(it’s actually older than that, but written records started in 23 B.C.). This is the style that Tim Darmetko uses on professional athletes (major league pitchers), MMA athletes, and people w/chronic health problems. In this massage, you are likely to learn self help techniques, breathing techniques, pressure points, stretches and more. Similar to Sport Massage in the West, it can be tailored to anyone young or old. Although in some ways similar to Swedish Massage, it takes a more training time to complete. Tim feels incredibly lucky/blessed to have learned massage and bodywork from such a great master. This is one of the styles that helped Tim recover after his four wheeler accident.

• Stimulates the Meridians & Acupuncture Points •

• Helps the Body Remove Toxins •

• Softens Stiff Muscles •

• Relaxes the Body •

And So Much More!

Massage and Bodywork - Other Types

Tao Shiatsu

A great method that uses the meridians and stretches to help the body unwind and relax. Shiatsu was originated in Japan, with roots in China. It is very similar to Zen Shiatsu but this style focus is on the traditional Chinese acupressure points. Works great with Tibetan Organ Massage.

Unwinding the Belly/Tibetan Organ Massage

Soothing belly massage that helps lots of back, sore belly and digestion problems. Very similar to Chi Nei Tsang and other belly work/ bodywork. Great to combine with Shiatsu.

Tui Na

A very old method that comes from China that is very similar to Korean Chi Massage. Has been used for thousands of years. Both use acu points, meridians, breathing, stretches, but with some different techniques.